California Bowmen Hunters / State Archery Association

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Cancelled Events

Date Club Event
05/01 - 05/03/20 Straight Arrow Bow Hunters Western Classic Trail Shoot - Cancelled
05/02 - 05/03/20 Mojave Archers Mountian High - Cancelled
05/09/20 Cherry Valley Bowhunters North American Big Game Shoot - Cancelled
05/16 - 05/17/20 CBH/SAA - Big Game Club State Broadhead Championship - Cancelled
05/17/20 Yahi Bowmen Bill Sullivan Traditional Shoot - Cancelled
05/17/20 Diablo Bowmen Red Devil - Cancelled
05/30/20 Ishi Archery Club Ishi Archery Youth Shoot - Cancelled
05/31/20 Ishi Archery Club Ishi Archery Rock Festival - Cancelled
05/31/20 Pasadena Roving Archers World Archery Field Round - Cancelled
06/06 - 06/07/20 Nevada County Sportsmen's Club June Shoot - Cancelled
06/07/20 Mojave Archers Pirate Shoot - Cancelled
06/21/20 Cougar Mountain Archers Annual Father's Day Shoot - Cancelled
07/19/20 Kings Mountain Archers 3D in the Redwoods - Cancelled
08/01 - 08/02/20 San Francisco Archers 1 Million B.C. - Cancelled

Big Game Club State Broadhead


We Encourage and Promote Target, Field and 3D Archery. Including Local, Regional, State and National Tournaments.

Our Association

The association is governed by an Executive Board and a Board of Governors (delegates) from regions across the State.

Mission Statement

California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA) is dedicated to Promoting and Protecting Archery & Bowhunting Rights in California. This statewide non-profit organization, speaks for California Archers and Bowhunters in matters concerning legislation and regulation since 1943.