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Do I need to be an NFAA member to compete in the State Tournaments?

Yes and No....For the State Indoor, State Field and State Target (900) Rounds, you will need to be an NFAA member or a USA Archery Member with CBH/SAA membership. For the State Broadhead, you only need to be a CBH/SAA Member.

Do I need to join CBH/SAA if I am currently an NFAA member or looking to join NFAA?

No, Your NFAA membership includes CBH/SAA membership and your NFAA membership card is your CBH membership card

If I am a CBH/SAA member already and I want to join NFAA mid year, can I?

Yes, but you will need to coordinate this with the CBH/SAA Secretary.

Who do I send an address change to?

Please email your address change to the CBH/SAA Secretary

Tournaments and Scores



If I have questions about a State Tournaments, who do I contact?

2nd VP - Field

State Field Championship

Carlos Funes

(818) 209-4029

2nd VP - Target

State Indoor Championship

Rusty Mills

(530) 272-5512

2nd VP - 900

State 900 Championship

Karen Keating

(408) 515-8504

2nd VP - Hunting

State Broadhead Championship

Jason Duysings

(951) 906-4021

When do the scores get posted for these events?

Each 2nd VP is responsible for certifying the score for their events. If the event was held in multiple locations, they must wait until all the scores are received from each location, then the scores are recorded, tabulated, certified and published to the website on the state scores page and the state records are updated.

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I may qualify for the Grand Slam....who do I contact regarding this?

Please contact the CBH/SAA Secretary by email with any questions.

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Need Assistance?



I'm needing financial assistance in attending an outdoor camp that includes archery events....who can help me?

Please download and fill out the California Archery Foundation form and follow the submission requirements.

California Archery Foundation Application

Our club has had a financial setback and are looking for temporary assistance, who can help us?

The Range Fund may be able to assist. Please contact the Range Fund Chairman.

Kathy Budding