Legislative Fund

Your donation to the CBH Legislative Fund helps us promote wildlife conservation and protect our archery and hunting heritage within the state political system. With your donations, the CBH/SAA Legislative Team can attend important meetings and react to issues that are impacting our sport. We can also meet our financial obligations to Gaines and Associates, who represent us in the state capital and FGC meetings throughout the State. Additionally, it is our responsibility to cover expenses when we need to retain a legal team to protect us and our sport. This is why your donations, in any amount, are so important. Again, we thank you for your support!

Donate by Check or PayPal

CBH/SAA Treasurer, Stephan Grothues can be reached at: (714) 269-9207

To mail in your donation, please send to:

CBH/SAA Treasurer, Stephan Grothues

P.O. Box 27248, Anaheim, CA 92809

Stephan will send you a letter confirming your donation.