California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association(CBH/SAA), a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, was organized to promote, defend and champion the causes of both target and hunter archers throughout the State of California.

*CBH/SAA are the defenders of your bow hunting and archery rights within the state. A review of our monthly CBH/SAA Newsletter will keep you informed of the many issues facing hunting and archery today.

*Through our liaison with the National Field Archery Association, NFAA, we provide a cost effective insurance program for clubs and pro shops. Without CBH/SAA this cost would be several thousands of dollars.

*CBH/SAA promotes the organization of club structure by providing organizational material, advertising club fund raising events, provide standardized structure for tournaments, challenge negative hunting legislation and introduce beneficial hunting law changes.

*CBH/SAA holds state archery championships: The Broadhead require only CBH/SAA membership for awards; the Indoor, Target 900 and the Field (including field, hunter and animal rounds) also require NFAA membership for awards.

*Promote outreach programs through the California Archery Foundation which provides scholarships for instruction programs, hunter safety, equipment and archery camps.

*International Bowhunters Education Programs(IBEP): Many of you have had the experience of attending one of these training courses prior to obtaining your hunting license. It is recommended by the California Department of Fish and Game. This is only one aspect of IBEP.

*Legislation: CBH/SAA legislative committee stays informed on State issues effecting our sport and works closely with the DFG to address the many issues. These are only the highlights.

There are many more aspects of CBH/SAA to enjoy.