Grand Slam Award

The Grand Slam Award - So how do you go about qualifing for this prestigious award? It requires you to shoot the State Indoor, State Field, State Broadhead and State Target 900 consecutively in one year. For Example, if you shoot the Target in 2006 and the rest in 2007 and achieve champion in all four you qualify. This is open to Young Adult to Master Senior. It is presented at the CBH/SAA Annual Banquet.

This State award was actually the brain-child of Sandy McCain. Sandy proposed to the board an award to honor the Target archer. In her outline to the board, she included that the qualifications of the award require that a California archer must complete and champion in all state tournaments in one year consecutively. Sandy herself had done exactly that as proof it could be done!

She also wanted to see the development of comaraderie among fellow archers as well as promoting our beloved sport.

If your goal is to achieve this award, make sure you document each State event. That means, Where was the tournament held, Who was the host for that event, What was the event and your score. This will make it easier to verify for the board.

"Cub Grand Slam" - Qualifications for the Cub Grand Slam are that it would be from the State Indoor, State Field, and State Target in one style and in a 12 month period.

At Present the Grand Slam award belongs to:

Sandy McCain (BB)

Tom Daley (BB)

Alanna Dunaway (BHFS)

June Montenegro (ProFSL)

Rhonda Montenegro (FSL)

Mabel Ison

Kimberly Gentner

Bob Jenson

Joseph Lira Jr.

Yashiro Kaku

Age Group Name Broadhead Field Target Indoor
Senior Carol Jorgensen REC/2006 REC/2006 REC/2006 REC/2007
Adult Mabel Ison Sights/2011 BHFSL/2011 BHFSL/2011 BHFSL/2011
Adult Lori Prichard-Beller Trad/2009 Trad/2009 Trad/2009 Trad/2009
Cub Korel Lulu Gardner BH/2011 BH/2010 BH/2011
Cub Grace Geer FS/2010 FS/2009 FS/2010
Cub Kaden Pearce FS/2010 FS/2009 FS/2010
Adult Julie Robinson RC/2012 BB/2012 BB/2011 BB/2012
Youth Matthew Pierce Sights/2012 BHFSL/2012 BHFSL/2012 BHFSL/2012
Young Adult David McNealy Jr. R/2012 FS/2012 FS/2012 BHFS/2012
Adult Mabel Ison S/2012 BHFSL/2012 BHFSL/2012 BHFSL/2012
Cub Korel Lulu Gardner BH/2012 BH/2011 BH/2012
Youth Grant Simmonds R/2012 BHFS/2011 BHFS/2011 BHFS/2012
Adult Robert Collins Trad-LB/2012 Trad-LB/2012 Trad-LB/2012 Trad-LB/2013
Adult Mabel Ison Sights/2013 BHFSL/2013 BHFSL/2013 BHFSL/2013
Young Adult David McNealy Jr. R/2013 FS/2013 FS/2013 BHFS/2013
Young Adult Matthew Pierce Sights/2013 BHFSL/2013 BHFSL/2013 BHFSL/2013
Youth Taylor Salazar R/2013 BHFS/2013 BHFS/2013 BHFS/2013
Youth Korel Lulu Gardner NS/2013 BH/2013 BH/2013 BH/2013
Master Senior Tom Daley NS/2014 BB/2014 BB/2014 BB/2014
Cub Maxwell Wright BB/2014 BB/2014 BB/2015
Cub Lilith Pierce REC/2015 REC/2015 REC/2014
Young Adult Madison Wilkens NS/2017 BB/2017 BB/2017 BB/2017
Cub Lilith pierce REC/2017 REC/2016 REC/2017
Young Adult Amanda Cariveau NS/2015 BH/2015 BH/2015 BH/2015
Youth Korel Gardner NS/2015 BH/2015 BH/2015 BH/2015
Senior Sandy McCain NS/2015 TRAD-REC/2015 TRAD-REC/2015 TRAD-REC/2016
Master Senior Earl Williams REC/2015 REC/2015 REC/2015 REC/2016
Cub Lilith Pierce REC/2015 REC/2016 REC/2016
Young Adult Korel Gardner NS/2016 BH/2016 BH/2016 BH/2016
Youth Thomas Johnson REL/2016 FS/2016 FS/2016 FS/2016
Senior Robert Collins LB/2013 LB/2013 LB/2013 LB/2014
Cub Thomas Johnson FS/2013 FS/2013 FS/2014
Adult Sandy McCain NS/2014 REC/2013 REC/2013 REC/2014
Cub Yvette Smith BHFS/2013 BHFS/2013 BHFS/2014
Young Adult Owen Wilkens Trad/2021 BB/2021 BB/2021 LB/Wood/2021
Adult Madison Winkens NS/2021 BB/2021 BB/2021 BB/2022
Adult Kenny Wagner R/2022 BHFS/2022 BHFS/2022 BHFS/2022
Senior Roland Fraterrigo LB/2022 LBC/2021 LBC/2021 LBC/2022

I you know of any other archers that qualify for this award please let CBH/SAA know so we can give them the honor they derserve.

If anyone has the dates that these shooters qualified, please send them to Pam Severtson